Aren't these just skylights?  Yes and No, a skylight is just a window in your roof.  Modern roof window systems comprise a wide array of products to meet every design need. Sun Tunnels direct light from outdoors into locations where a skylight would be impossible or impractical.   These simple sealed systems channel and delivers the highest amount of daylighting available on the market today.  

What happens at night?  Your Sun Tunnel and other Roof Window installations pick up any ambient light present from street lights, the moon or other sources and brings it indoors creating a gentle night light effect.   Sun Tunnel units are available with optional electrical back up if you wish.

What does it look like?   Roof window systems range from simple skylights to much more. From indoors, Sun Tunnels look just like a contemporary light fixtures (except they never burn out).

How much do these things cost?  Surprisingly affordable, for example the average Sun Tunnel installation is between $500 and $600 making it one of the best home improvement values available today.    

What about Hot Water? Solar-Illuminations can engineer and install solar powered hot water heaters using the latest technology that are remarkably efficient.

How can I use the Sun to help cool my home or business? Solar powered ventilation units can significantly reduce your cooling bills in the summer by using electricity produced by dedicated solar panels to drive cooling fans. The brighter the sun, the greater the cooling effect. They are Simple & Affordable.

Do you do commercial installations as well?  Certainly - contact our partner company, SolaDesign  


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