"I went from a dungeon of a kitchen to a beautiful sunlit room...!"  R. C., Wyckoff, NJ

"It's an amazing difference, even when the sun isn't out. I have given your name to several people and hope that this will continue to bring light into people's lives.    It makes a psychological difference, as well as a difference in how the house presents itself." E. L., Saddle River, NJ

"With the addition of the solar lights in the bathroom, with no window, my husband and i can read without turning on a light. I can now sit in my dining room, where I tutor, and work without lights because of the solar lights. we are thrilled with the solar lights and the expertise and professionalism of Hugh Gallagher." B.B., Berkley Heights, NJ

"I never thought I'd be so excited about lighting. The solar tubes you installed changed the entire feel of areas. They not only made the dark hallway brighter, it actually looks larger, compared to the "cave feel" it had before. The bedroom is the greatest difference though. It now gets morning light, allowing us to wake up earlier, and start our day on a more positive note...and they use less energy than my compact fluorescent bulbs!" E.S., Englewood NJ


Solar Illuminations ~ 17 Ravine Ave ~ Caldwell, NJ 07006

p. 973-228-6504